You’re new to a project

Context Learning Tactics

Run a history mapping workshop

  1. You might start by looking at when people joined the organization/the project
  2. What major organizational events were happening
  3. What were major milestones, learnings
  4. What working patterns and rhythms were in place
  5. What deliverables were made, when, why
  6. etc.

Connect with History Holders

Who you should look for

  • Anyone with 2+ years of experience at the company
  • Look at least a level above you (go for more if you can!) and as far down as you can.

Questions to ask

  1. What are the series of events, decisions, etc. that lead to this project?
  2. Why wasn’t this done before?
  3. What has been tried before?
  4. How did it go? How were relationships impacted?
  5. Any triggers or painful points that I should be aware of?
  6. Who else should I get some time with? Can you introduce me to them?

Share the Knowledge

What have you done?



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