The Year of Resolutions.

I’m focusing on the idea of continual progress. One overarching goal for an entire year I’ve decided is not a good goal for me. Instead, I’d like to make 12 monthly goals. It’s great if they carry into one another, but the idea is to not give up. Some are small, some are bigger.

Continued monthly goal: Schedule 1 fun event with a friend(s) per month.


Goal: Learn CSS Animation

How: and other demos I find

Update: I did do some learning! It hasn’t found its way into my daily life though, so I will probably start forgetting it.


Goal: Love Paul extra well (hopefully this one carries over ;)

How: Plan 2 surprise dates for us that focus on things he likes.

Update: I tried this a few times :)


Goal: Learn more about Judaism and the relationship to Christianity.

How: Obtain relevant book(s) and read them.

Update: I didn’t actually learn more about Judaism, but I did read this awesome book called Rediscovering Jesus.


Goal: Learn a short, completely new piano piece.

How: Practice 2–3x a week.

Update: Didn’t even start. At all.


Goal: Do a deep clean of the house.

How: Tackle one room/space a week

Update: Does doing it in October count? We’re moving so I guess not…


Goal: Read a Proverb a day. (Also, reevaluate goals).

How: Set reminder on my phone to read a Proverb daily. Schedule a date to re-evaluate.

Update: I didn’t do this in June, but I started doing it in December!


Goal: Do the finances for the month. (Also: survive vacation).

How: Ask Paul to let me do it for the month, and have him help/supervise me.

Update: Well, I completely forgot about this one.


Goal: Revisit portfolio site.

How: Turn off the TV and get on my computer.

Update: I did it! I moved my site over to Wordpress and added some new case studies.


Goal: 30 Days of Good UX

How: Document a short post on good things/small improvements in life.

Update: Did not do — will move over to this year’s goals.


Goal: Start physical activity routine with either yoga or weight lifting.

How: Groupon has all sorts of deals for gyms in the area.

Update: I actually started this in July! #winning


Goal: Learn to contour my face.

How: Watch YouTube videos until I get it. I should probably get a haircut by now too.

Update: Decided I didn’t care much about this


Goal: Do a purge of clothing primarily, and other things I’ve been meaning to give away. Then give away promptly.

How: I’m turning around hangers now. What hasn’t been turned around should be considered for give away. Drive stuff to Frisco Resale shop promptly.

Update: I’ve been losing weight, so I’ve had to already do this.

What if?

Something may happen in a month that may make a goal completely unobtainable. That’s fine —I will adjust the goal. The premise here is to not give up and to continually make progress.

I’ve scheduled these out in Wunderlist — so here we go!

End of Year Update:

This turned out much better than I expected, and even in June/July I was thinking about my goals and how I needed to meet them. I’m coming for you 2017!

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