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Ashley Ann
2 min readJul 7, 2017

If you talk to me long enough, I’ll eventually bring up that I’m part of an awesome Slack community called Designer Hangout, which is a group of 9,000+ UX Designers all over the world. I’ve been participating there for almost 2 years now and have so much gratitude for it. I love it there.

I’m also part of another Slack community called Kingdom Builders, which is a group of technologists all over the world that are Christians. I loved that I had immediate connections with Christians who loved technology as I did. I’ve been there for about the same amount of time, but generally have participated less because the conversation tends heavily towards development. Then it hit me.

Why don’t I start a Slack community for Christian designers?

And so —Kingdom Designers was born. I’m praying that soon there will be a worldwide network of graphic designers, ux designers, copywriters, and anyone else who loves digital design, talking, collaborating, and generally doing what we can to advance Christ’s kingdom.

I don’t know where God will take this, but what I do know is:

  • We discovered that there is are mission trips for designers to help under resourced churches!
  • We found out there’s a conference called Kingdom Creatives coming up in August in DC for Christian Designers (
  • There’s awesome people working on some cool projects, like a font set for people with limited reading abilities.

Come join us by getting in contact with me:

Ashley Crutcher is a Digital Designer at InterVarsity located in Madison, WI. She tweets at @ashleyspixels and enjoys cuddling with her cat, crocheting/knitting, working out, and thinking too much about everything.