Imagination and Problem Solving

I’ve always thought that I didn’t have an imagination. I don’t have a problem with abstract thought, but a challenge like, “Draw something” would always put me in a cold sweat.

I mean, how hard is it? Just pick a random thing and go for it.

But instead I am paralyzed. And I have finally realized why.

I need a problem.

“Draw something” does not appear to be a problem to me. If there’s nothing to be solved, why think of anything? (Lazy brain ftw).

This became apparent to me through the DailyUI challenges that I have been doing for the past several days. A simple prompt comes in every weekday to make a UI.

(It has always boggled my mind how aesthetically ugly this email is, but I admit it gets the job done)

And so I stare blankly at the email and here’s a rough stream of conscious:

“Analytics chart? Measuring what? What in the world do I need to measure? Any kind of chart? I guess I could do a line graph. Maybe a bubble graph. BUT WHAT DO I MEASURE. I could measure the number of times my cat meows in an hour. That’s dumb. That doesn’t accomplish anything. ”

Do you see where my thoughts went?

*Gives you some time to think*

I started trying to create a problem for myself! Only then could I get going. (Unfortunately, making up a problem can take awhile…as evidenced by the fact that I have been thinking about this for at least 10 minutes and still have nothing.)

I have an idea! Respond below with what I should measure! (Keep it appropriate kids.)

Digital Designer

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