I’ll just write one more response — because something about your response stood out to me.

You mentioned having a voice up. This is something that comes with experience, and I’ve only recently truly grasped, but just like designers who make apps are not trying to make things more complicated, I promise you, the “higher-ups” are not up there trying to make things more complicated either. I’ve been humbled by offering my ‘simple’ solution and learning about the complexities of what is really going on.

Sometimes, your simpler solution is right and they just needed someone to think of it, but coming into those conversations with humbleness and seeking to understand has served me really well.

In the end — the only adjustment I would suggest is, “Does this feature work for real life?” Rather than, “Is this feature simple or complicated?” I want to be the designer known for designing for real life, not making a designer’s fantasy that would never be true.

Digital Designer

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