I walked around, touching everything even though none of it was mine. I knew that many other fingers had fingered these things as well, yet it was so thoroughly cleaned all the time that you could never tell.

I was amazed at the immense thought and detail that had gone into this place. I didn’t want to leave. I inspected everything and marveled at how efficient it all was. A mere 375 square feet. Incredible. Nothing felt lacking.

I day dreamed a bit — how awesome it would be to only have 1 TV and to be able to watch it from every corner of my home! How few things I would be forced to own and how liberated I might feel from that. Maybe I wouldn’t even have that TV and just read all the time. Oh and cleaning! That would be such a breeze. Finding things would be no problem as there would be few places to look.

“I could do this”, I thought to myself and started to think through what I could get rid of and what I would suddenly now gladly give up to make this daydream mine.

Others walked in, oohing and aahing just as I had. And for a moment, I felt a bit possessive of it, that this space was mine and how dare they invade.

But of course it wasn’ t— I was in Ikea.

Digital Designer

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