I think this is a really important topic to engage with, and is a barrier in our field. I love the format you chose to visually display this, although I disagree on some of the finer points.

I think the main problem is the definition of “User Experience Design” — because if you’re really talking about the User’s Experience, then it’s everything, not just the colors, not just the flow, not the animations, etc. It’s the pieces that add up to the whole. So you can’t take “UX” and place it within the continuum, because it’s the entire continuum.

After reading the book Content Design, I wrote this: https://medium.com/ashleycrutcher/you-might-be-a-content-designer-not-a-ux-designer-a15fa9675341

I hope you’ll give it a read and give me feedback as well.

Digital Designer

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