I love this article because I feel like there is not much out there on how to be a senior/advanced/mature designer. I’ve been having multiple conversations with others in what to read and what skills to advance in that isn’t so basic/entry-level UX type books, and this is exactly the type of content I want as a growing designer.

However, I’m disappointed that this is the level of expectation that you specifically say you’re looking for in young designers and to see others agreeing.

It seems like UX as an industry still can’t quite figure out what it means to be junior/mid-level/senior. You see this in job postings all over — asking for way too much of people with so little experience.

Of course they lack these skills — they are young designers. Much of what you’re asking for come with experience and is generally not taught in the programs that designers are going through. Sure, I think there are some exceptional young designers that do know these things and I certainly want to have a high bar, but we have to give designers room to grow. We just don’t come out knowing all these things.

I’m a little biased, because I don’t believe UX is an entry-level position to begin with, so perhaps that may be why I’m feeling this tension.

Digital Designer

Digital Designer