Hello! You invited me to take a look at this.

I’ve actually been on the fence about this topic for awhile. Yes, super-targeted and simplified applications do tend to work better and are easier to use.

Consumer world
However, life is very inter-connected. I often wish that the app I use for workouts could communicate better with MyFitnessPal and my scale to deliver me a super simple workout and eating plan routine. I could get a trainer of course, but I would still need to track inside all these apps. All 3 of these apps are easy to use on their own and stick to being super-targeted (well MyFitnessPal not so much, but you get what I mean), and now suddenly my wishes and desires have built a fairly complicated app in my head.

This also applies to enterprise organizations. Despite my deepest desires to have more solid lines between role types, it turns out this just doesn’t happen in real life.

There are managers who still do a fair amount of IC work. There are ICs who partially supervise some people in matrix supervision. There are people who work part-time for 2 different departments (which just caused a major headache in an integration our development team was working on between our revenue and accounting software).


You should keep asking the question of simplification, but also know that you may not get the answer you want (or at least that keeps happening to me in my experience! I often don’t have the power to make the bigger changes that would help simplify).

Digital Designer

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