I’ve had almost all of the major blogging platforms host one or more of my blogs. You name it, I’ve been on it. Xanga, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr — I can still login in to any of them. With “Arrangement” being one of my top skills, I prefer to keep things compartmentalized — hence the many blogs. Each one had different purposes and different audiences.

  • Xanga held all my middle school angst.
  • Tumblr held daily entries about trips I went on.
  • WordPress was more faith driven.
  • Medium was for professional and philosophical thoughts.

Sometimes I migrated posts between the platforms, but for the most part I tried to hold the different platforms to my assigned purpose.

A lot of that was driven by fear. I was trying hard to curate how I was seen. I would share WordPress to Facebook, but not to my UX group. (And that made sense, I wasn’t writing about UX on WordPress, so why have them see it?).

But now I’ve decided to try and be wholly and fully me here, not compartmentalized or curated. So if you’re going to follow me, I’m going to write about my faith, my work in UX/UI, and probably my cat at some point. And if you don’t like it, unlike my cat who seems to be unaware of this ability, you’re free to walk away when annoyed or hope that whatever I write next you’ll be more interested in.

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